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15010.13 NWSCC Building 301 Roof

15010.13 NWSCC Building 301 Roof
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Contact:   Edmond Miller
PreBid Date:   08/01/2017 10:00 AM
PreBid Info:  

Bid Date:   08/08/2017 02:00 PM
Bid Info:  

Project Location: Phil Campbell AL

Public Notes:
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This project REQUIRES A DEPOSIT CHECK made payable to Aho Architects LLC for $100.00 per set, for up to (2) sets, which will be refunded in full on the first 2 sets issued to general contract bidder submitting a bonafide bid, upon return of documents in good condition within ten days of bid date.
Other sets for general contractors, and sets for subcontractors, and suppliers, may be obtained with the same deposit, which will be refunded as above, less cost of printing, reproduction, handling, and distribution.

Please send this check to Alabama Graphics ATTN Digital Plan Room 2801 5th Ave South, Birmingham, AL 35233.

Return sets to Aho Architects LLC, 265 Riverchase Pkwy East, Ste 204, 35244.

Digital files are only available after the initial hard copy set is ordered.
They require a $40.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit Check made payable to Aho Architects.
This check must be submitted as a separate check from the REFUNDABLE Deposit check for hard copy set

You must download this digital release form and send back to the fax number or the email attached to the form.
Once this form and check are received then the digital files will be released for download.

The project includes the tear-off and replacement of approx. 12,186 sf of roofing on a 1 story Admin Building #301 on the Phil Campbell campus of Northwest-Shoals Community College. The existing EPDM roof and deteriorated insulation boards will be demolished and replaced with a new modified bitumen roofing system over new insulation and light-weight concrete. Related detailed roofing system work at existing rooftop items and penetrations (vents, HVAC curbs, drains, etc.) is also included.

Job Purchase Information:
You may use your ESTABLISHED Alabama Graphics Account, cash/check, or, a credit card to purchase this project.
Please note that some orders may be adjusted at time of delivery and/or shipping. Your invoice total may be adjusted +/- according to the destination or size of order.
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